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The German Shepherds of Painted Sky Farm

(AKC & APRI Registered)
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Phone: 660-893-5327

                Shane, Gretchen, Tauz, Kado
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APRI - American Pet Registry Inc
Puppies Are All Sold!!!

We have three German Shepherd family dogs.
They enjoy farm life where they get plenty of fresh air, sunshine and tons of exercise.

We are not a puppy mill nor are we a kennel.
These dog are our personal / family dogs.
About once a year we breed them.

We are asking $400.00 each.
The pups are being sold registered with AKC and APRI.

They will also be given their first shots.   
If you are interested in reserving one, we will accept a $50 deposit.
 Balance is due when the puppy is picked up.

Puppies are very beautiful, smart and love to be with people.
A few of our puppies have been sold to families with special needs of a service dog.
Besides being excellent family dogs, we believe our puppies are intelligent to perform many different fields of work such as herding, hunting and a variety of police work.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We believe a farm is not complete without a dog.
For many years now we have owned German shepherds and have come to value them for their intelligence, loyalty and beauty.
We started breeding German Shepherds in 2004 after buying three registered dogs from a kennel that was going out of business.

Today, while we no longer have those dogs, we have moved on and purchased two more to take their places.
Other German Shepherds that we have are Kado (far right) and Tauz (next to Kado).
They are pups from our original dogs that we decided to keep.
 Our German shepherds are well mannered, loyal and protective.

They are house dogs but absolutely love going out on the farm and helping us with chores.
They love water and are excellent jumpers. Having wonderful temperaments, they are also good with children.
Now, in addition to the above, they are producing some very fine puppies.

We are pleased to introduce:
(AKC & APRI Registered)
Born: February 14, 2014
Weighs: 100lbs

Gretchen Von Witzer
(AKC & APRI Registered)
Born: October 26, 2013
Weighs: 80lbs

This page has been designed for you to see that these are truly beautiful dogs with ideal temperaments for a family environment. 

Whether you are looking to buy a puppy or not, we know that you will enjoy viewing these photos.
Shane Gretchen

Shane and Taffy Shane on Mel Gretchen in Wintertime
"Why can't this piggy go to market? Going for a ride. Who threw that snowball?.

Bonnie And Gretchen Kado with Javelin Gretchen In Oak Park
"On a mission?" Country Dog City Dog
Dogs always with us
setting drain tile
"Wherever we go..." "Whatever we do..."
"We love watching them do all the work."

"Just my dogs, my pony, and me..." "Row your own boat." "Where do you want the corn planted?"

A new sport: Canine Water Ballet "Where did you say the buffalo roam?" "Psst! You have a phone call."
Tauz Lap Dogs Up On Round Bales
"Y'all come back now !" You'll Never Pass For Lap Dogs "In Conference"

The chair lady In Training Keeping Watch
Someone finally found her a rocking chair. "Find your bone" Keeping a look-out

Don't Fence Me In Kado, Shane, Gretchen Very Active Dogs
Don't Fence Me In "This photo prop is ridiculous!" "A Hunting we will go, a hunting we will go..."