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Twister6 At the Vets Office Without Mom
Twister's Dam - Philadelphia A Week Old Before Surgury
Twister's Sire - APHA Mr Cita Chest 1 Month After Surgury

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Date Born  August 24, 2007 Description
Breed  Paint Quarter Horse cross Twister was born on our farm and we have given him a lot of attention.
He is a friendly, good looking, calm gelding.

When Twister was about a week or two old we noticed that his left front leg was crooked.
After talking to our vet we learned that the term for this situation is known as angular deformity.
Many Thoroughbred race horses are born with this problem and after surgery still race.
To explain, one side of the leg bone, at the knee joint grows faster than the other.
To treat the problem Twister had surgery called periostial stripping.
After about a month his leg appeared much straighter.
Today, Twister is a stout and sturdy horse with no lameness whatsoever.

I hope to get to his training this year so be sure to check back for updates.
Gender  Gelding
Sire  Mr Cita Chest - APHA
Dam  Philadelphia - Quarter Horse cross
Height  16.1 hands
Weight  1200 lbs
Colour  Solid Sorrel
Temperament  3   (1= very calm 10= very high spirited)
Training  Broke to lead
  • Trail Riding
  • Jumping
  • Harness
  • English Pleasure
Price  $