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Thunder 3
Broke to Lead
Thunder 4
Thunder 2 Thunder just hours old
Thunder's Dam - Hershey An Easy Keeper
Thunder's Sire - Mr Cita Chest Cleaning out his hooves

Hershey, Thunder's mother

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Date Born  April 6, 2007 Description
Breed  Paint Quarter Horse

Before Thunder was born, I sold his mother Hershey to a family that had two grandchildren ages 4 and 12.
Hershey was to be the Grandmother's mount and her foal, once grown was to be the 12 year olds horse.
The big moment came for Hershey during a stormy night and the colt was given the name Hershey's Kiss of Thunder.

In view of the fact that Thunder was to be a beginner child's horse, we began helping his young owner by teaching
her the first steps towards gentling him. Thunder was taught to lead, pick up his feet, and we even trailered him.
Sadly, this family could no longer keep the horses and had to move to the city, so I bought Hershey and Thunder back.

In June of 2010, I started lunging Thunder teaching him to respond to voice commands.
I went as far as saddling and riding him a little in our small dirt pen.
He is a willing horse with a gentle and inquisitive disposition.
He has big hard hooves, a short neck and long back set squarely on four solid legs.

Thunder's mother Hershey, was a good dependable riding horse.
His sire Director, was a very gentle stallion which we would go trail riding on.
Thunder's older brother Comrade, went on to be a family horse and the father is thrilled with him.
With more training, Thunder will also become dependable and enjoyable.
This laid back gelding will make someone a reliable ranch horse or trusted family horse.

This page will be updated as his training progresses.

I hate to disappoint anyone but Thunder has been spoken for.
Thank you for looking. Enjoy the photos and videos.

This horse is Sold.

Gender  Gelded - 4/15/2009
Sire  Mr Cita Chest  -  APHA  
Dam  Hershey - Paint Quarter Horse
Height  15 hands
Weight  1,200 lbs.
Colour  Grey Overo
Temperament  3    (1= very calm 10= very high spirited)
Training   In training for Jennifer in Missouri
  • Pleasure Riding
  • Driving
Sold :  May 5, 2013
 To Jennifer in Missouri