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Nestle's dam Philadelphia
Nestle's Sire - Mr. Cita Chest

First time for the bit

Taken 6-28-2013
Taken 6-28-2013
Taken 6-28-2013 Taken 6-28-2013
Taken 6-28-2013

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Date Born  June 30, 2009 Description
Breed  Paint Quarter Horse Beautiful bay paint mare with dorsal stripe.
Very friendly and calm.
Would make a great trail, family or ranch horse.
Check out her siblings Hershey and Belle on our Horses Sold page.
Nestle resembles Belle in temperament and conformation.

Nestle is only broke to lead.  

Nestle's training began starting January 2013.  
As she improves I will be updating her page with photos, videos and info.
I welcome you horse lovers to follow her progress.  
Please keep in mind that this horse has been spoken for!!

I my attempt to take some photos of Nestle and Thunder playing, the flash went off.
So I shot some pictures and videos of them intently looking at the camera.
I think they focused better than the camera did.   1/27/2013

Nestling is learning to walk and trot on the lunge line.
Today was her first time to be saddled.  She remained calm the whole time.
Bridling went well also.
As I was working with Nestle, two geese flew over head so I grabbed for my camera.
I thought they would make a good page background.   2/5/2013

I have begun riding Nestle.  First I taught her to neck rein.
She is doing well at the walk so now training will be working with her at the trot.
Nestle is very calm and responsive.  
Having been up on her back only a few times, she did very well when I
rode her on the back road for a distance of 2 miles, accompanied only by two dogs.
Today was the first time I rode her to move cattle from one pasture to another.
The cattle pretty much knew what they were expected to do.   3/8/2013

We've been having a lot of rain these past two months so I haven't ridden
 as often as I would have liked.
I still have put a fair number of miles on Nestle.
The past week I've ridden her to town which is 5 miles away.
On the way to town we pass several cars, trucks and some semis.
She is ok with the vehicles that pass from the rear, but dashes aside when cars pass head on.
Today I rode her the distance of about 14 miles.
I had her trot 4 miles to town.  
On the way home I galloped her 4 miles alongside a blacktop road.  6/7/2013

The last two rows of videos were taken on 7/9/2013.

This horse is SOLD.

Gender  Mare
Sire  Mr. Cita Chest -APHA
Dam  Philadelphia - Quarter Horse
Height  15 hands
Weight  1200 lbs
Colour  Bay Overo
Temperament  4   (1= very calm 10= very high spirited)
Training   Pleasure riding 
  • Trail Riding
  • Ranch
  • Family
Sold:  July 26th, 2013
 To Sheila in Kansas