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Buyer's Comments
Hello Kristin,

Is good to hear from you.  Joy is great. We still have her @ the same 10 acres self care we moved her too from Lance's.
We love her she is a good girl.  Yes we ride at least 3 times a week at least an hour we try for more sometimes hard when get home @7.
Joy is with 3 other horses she is the youngest of the three and by far the most well behaved!!!
You did a fine job with her. We were on your website looking to see if you had any new horses for sale about a month ago. ...
Nice to hear from  you keep in touch.


Hello Kristin,

wanted to send some more pictures of Joy and let you know she is doing well! We are having a lot of fun working with her. 
Doing a lot of ground work with her on weekends she is a very fast learner!  I think I need the training not Joy!
We have rode her in the arena some but not outside yet.
We are moving her end of March on the ten acres we told you about that is about 3 miles from our house trying to work with her inside while we have the arena.
Have been reading a lot of books on training they have helped a lot.  We really love her she is the perfect horse for us she has so much personality and patience.
We took her outside Saturday and Sunday this weekend and let her get some sun and fresh air in the outdoor arena she loved it she was running around and kicking and bucking.
She is starting to shed her winter coat so I have been combing her on weeknights while Paul cleans her stall.
She is whinnying as soon as we get out of the car and when we leave @ night she just keeps whinnying it is hard to leave her.
People that come to the farm always comment on how pretty she is and we think so too.


Date Born  April 18, 2006 Description
Breed  Belgain/Paint

Joy was sold as a yearling twice.
First to a family in Southern Missouri who wanted a project horse for their daughter.
They were making small monthly payments which would have given them delivery
of the horse in February of 2007. We took a lot of photos of Joy
to send to the young girl while she awaited the "big day". 
Shortly before that day arrived, there was a death in the family which prevented them from taking the horse. 
We refunded all of the money paid and planned to keep Joy until she was old enough to train and ride. 
Another family came to us that fall with a similar requirement. Joy seemed to be
perfect.  They bought her and had her for about a year. Joy was treated like a big
dog. Their four year old boy was routinely lead around their farmstead on Joy's
back without saddle or bridle. Joy was very well cared for, but had no formal
training.  Sadly, financial setbacks forced them to move back into town with no
room for Joy.  In March 2008 they asked us to take Joy back and sell her for them.
We first spent a good deal of time in ground work, lungeing and training her to
respond to the bit and voice commands.   Joy needed to learn to give us her
attention in that she needed to respond promptly when asked to do something.  This
beautiful mare has become a very fine, predictable riding horse. She is not
temperamental. As we ride her on our farm she crosses creeks without hesitation,
helps bring the cattle home and becomes our comfortable companion when riding far
out to check on our crops and hay fields.  We have no trouble cueing this horse into her trot or her nice easy gallop but because she is so laid back her favorite gait is the walk.

Joy has become a very fine riding horse and I believe she would also be excellent
at driving as well.
Her other potentials are dressage and jumping. When she was a weanling I watched
as she gracefully jumped and cleared a two and a half foot fence to get to her
mother. Often when cantoring across our pastures she will perfer to jump muddy places and trees instead of going around them.
Joy is a solid paint draft cross mare. I own her older full sister Flair which at one time had for sale. After Flair gave birth to her first foal I decided to keep her. Flair has had three foals two of which turned out to be very flashy paints.

Gender  Mare
Sire  Mr Cita Chest  -  APHA Paint  
Dam  Storm - Grade 16hh Belgian
Height  15 hands
Weight  1070 lbs.
Colour  Sorrel
Temperament  2    (1= very calm 10= very high spirited)
Training  Pleasure Riding
  • Ranch
  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Harness
SOLD  January 16, 2010 to
 Paul and Amy in Missouri