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Comrade carrying double
Hold It!! Your Going to Like this Picture.
Comrade following a cow
Trimming Comrade's Hooves
Comrade Socializing
Comrade Calling On His Owners Comrade
Comrade's Dam - Hershey Comrade
Comrade's Sire - Mr Cita Chest Comrade As A Foal

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Buyer's Comments

Comrade(lovingly renamed Maverick), had the eyelid mass removed Oct 20th, he has no wolf teeth, so either never got or you already had them removed , gave him a booster of EWT/westnile vac and wormed him.  We sent the eyelid mass to ISU for pathology review.
The results came back and it is a benign Meibomian Adenoma, they said the ulceration and hyperplasia was likely caused by self trauma of him
rubbing.  We are very happy that it is benign :)  His eye is healing very well and looks great.  Rox will take his sutures out later this week, he has been sporting a new lynx furred fly mask ( Farnam Supermask II's are the best !) to keep all the debris and sun out of his eye. 
He is a great horse, and He and I get along really well. He is very smart and willing. He still won't eat apples or carrots so the spoiling hasn't been fully developed yet!  He has been ridden almost every day and we went on a ten mile jaunt today. I love him already, I'm so very glad to have found him,  I think we will become the best of friends. He gets along with our other horses pretty well, he's not a rough and tumble as you well know, but avoids trouble instead. I think he likes it here... 
Imposing human feelings onto animals is one of my faults but, I really think he's happy. Glad to have met you all, take care...


Hi, it's Rob again. Well, we've made it home. Schedule of vet appt. tomorrow, maybe have wolf teeth taken care of too. 
Handled the ride very well and likes our hay, doesn't know what to do with our pelletized feed though, funny...
He'll be in solitary in the dry lot and slowly brought into the mix with the other boys so don't know how they get along yet.
But he was cool around our kids and dogs and in our barn too. I think every thing will go fine. 
We have (Roxi has) trained a lot of horses so We'll just continue him as well to knock off the rough edges. 
He's a sweet thing and I couldn't be more excited to have a horse of my own again. 
Since Haji's accident I've felt a little lost, but now I feel like everything could be better. Thanx for everything, ...  
Enjoyed our visit, think you're good people and hope all are satisfied with this deal.  Wish you all the best!

Date Born  April 18, 2006 Description
Breed  Paint Quarter Horse
Comrade is best described as an easy going horse.
Although Comrade was broke to ride in the fall of 2009, much of his training was done in the spring of 2010.
He is regularly used to ride out to check cattle, sometimes twice a day.
Performing this chore, Comrade travels at least 2 miles a day but frequently more.
This stout boy was required to work in cold, rainy, and muddy conditions.
We also depended on him during 2010's especially hot, humid summer.
He is accustomed to our other farm animals such as chickens, geese, pigs and our mischievous goat.
He will travel beside our tractors and wagons without spooking.
Comrade is slightly head shy, but bridles and saddles adequately.
This is a very calm, laid back gelding who willingly picks up speed when asked to.
He has learned to neck rein and queues a little with the legs.
We recently took him on a long trail ride down a blacktop road.
Passing cars and trucks did not seem to bother him.
He gets along well with our other horses and is an easy keeper.
Being completely sound, he has hard, large hooves that have never been shod.
He also stands fine for the farrier.
I have used him as a lesson horse for beginner riders, who find it easy to relax on him, due to his calm predictable nature and comfortable gaits.
From the videos you can see he enjoys water.
Comrade possesses many of the fine qualities as his mother Hershey who I sold in 2007.
A lover of people, this horse will make someone a very enjoyable riding companion.
Gender  Gelding
Sire  Mr Cita Chest  -  APHA  
Dam  Hershey - Paint Quarter Horse
Height  15 hands
Weight  1,200 lbs.
Colour  Grey Overo
Temperament  3    (1= very calm 10= very high spirited)
Training  Pleasure Riding
  • Driving
  • Dressage
  • Ranch
Sold  October 10, 2010   to
 Rob & Roxane in Iowa