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Cats are a part of
farm life in the Midwest.  
When we purchased our farm we brought a few with us,
but there were a number of
wild ones that already were living in the outbuildings.  
They multiply quickly.  
We find that the males
tend to wander off,
but the females stay.
While we try to spay and neuter the cats  that make
 our farm home, 
it only takes one female to provide us with another litter of kittens.
Basket Cat

Music Box Kitty

While we feed both our house cats and outdoor cats, our Vet tells us that they earn their keep
many times over.  
We have no rodent problems  and the cats devour many crop destroying grasshoppers
as well as other insect pests.
While being farm cats, our felines are more appropriately described as people cats.  
The kittens are accustomed to being around us from birth.  
Their biggest danger is being stepped on by one of us.   


Sophie  and  Freddie Joe
We may be prejudiced,
but we think our cats are special.
Most love to be with people.
We have some that follow us around in the fields like dogs.
The lazier ones,
simply await  our return.   

Freddie Joe

From time to time
we have kittens to give away
to good homes.  
If you are ever looking for a beautiful kitten
with a wonderful personality, keep us in mind.  
By taking one of our kittens,
you are assured of having a
well adjusted cat.
Email us for more information.
Kitten 4

Princess and August 15, 2005 Litter

Princess and February 24, 2007 Litter

Kittens Currently Available

Kitten 1 Kitten 2 Kitten 3
Kitten 1 - Tiger  (Male)  
given to Donna of Missouri
Kitten 2 - Chevy (Male)
given to Ryan of Missouri
Kitten 3 - (Female)
given to Matrisha of Missouri

Mother Zoey
Kitten 4  ZOEY'S  LITTER Kitten 5

Kitten 6

Kitten 7 - FRITZ (Male) Now named Mr. Brown
given to Gregg and Brenda of Missouri